Jacob Parece | 401.835.5297 | jacobparece@aim.com

“Come home to who you absolutely are and rest within the space that never departs…”

As a young twenty year old man, Jacob Parece dealt with suicidal thoughts and felt repressed

and unable to express himself. When a hurricane hit Rhode Island in the fall of 2011 his life literally

went to black and he was struck by one breathtakingly simple question:

“Who am I?”


In a striking instant of realization, he became aware of what life was and had always been.

He was suddenly detached from his thoughts and beliefs, free from his problems and suffering, and

blissfully in touch with what remained: his awareness.  This joy of being has stayed with Jacob and he comfortably

lives without the need to suffer. Jacob has come to point you into your own space; to push you to the place where

you learn to start trusting in what you are: